Install latest Header Monitor (version 0.3.4)

Important: This extension obtains headers from LiveHTTPHeaders. Therefore, in order to use HeaderMonitor 0.3.4 first install extension LiveHTTPHeaders 0.11 with patch from Wladimir Palant

ver 0.3.4
# Fixed maxVersion field into install.rdf
ver 0.3.3
+ Added compatibility with Firefox 1.5 and LiveHTTPHeaders 0.11 with patch from Wladimir Palant
ver 0.3.2
# Fixed bug with maxWidth statusbar of first tab
# Fixed bug with showing statusbar of loading tab
ver 0.3.1
# Fixed problems with switching the address in the addressbar
ver 0.3
* Now headermonitor gets headers from livehttpheaders!
# Fixed conflict with extension INFORSS (const STATE_START )
# Fixed problems with switching tabs during "slow web surfing"
ver 0.2
+ Added preference window (Tools/Header Monitor..)
+ Added list of common header variables and their descriptions
+ Added preferences DisplayIfExistHeader and DisplayHeaderName
+ Added increase/decrease maxwidth of statusbar on click
+ Added tooltiptext for statusbar panel
+ Added maxwidth preference for statusbar panel (for very long headers)

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